The Future of Democracy

Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Civics and Engaged Citizens | Democracy and the Private Sector | Future of Elections | Media Freedom in the Digital Age | Democratic Backsliding | Polarization, Populism, and the Global Public | Disinformation

About Fast Forward

Our world is moving faster than ever thanks to innovation and interconnection. But what will the future bring?  
During our Fast Forward summits, we will highlight the people, ideas, and innovations around the world that are redefining the future and moving us forward.

At the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation we focus on educating the public on how businesses do well,  
do good, and prepare for the future. Fast Forward is our forward-looking platform used to explore the people, ideas, and innovations that are shaping our lives and our businesses. In 2022, we will host three forward-looking programs on the future of Democracy, Health, and Talent. We will convene the most accomplished and promising thinkers and doers to share game-changing solutions and insights that tackle the world’s most pressing problems. So, this fall, Fast Forward with us as well dive into these pressing topics and discover how we can better prepare ourselves for the future. You won't want to miss it! 

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