Advancing Africa's commercial profile, increasing U.S. exports and investment, showcasing tools to support new market entrants and fostering commercial opportunities for businesses across the United States and Africa.


We are targeting cities across the U.S. with sizeable African diaspora and minority business communities, existing business linkages with Africa, and a high level of interest from elected officials (city, state, or federal) as we work together to expand Africa's commercial profile, increase U.S. exports and investment, showcase tools to support new market entrants, and foster commercial opportunities for businesses across the United States and Africa.


This multi-year campaign is focused on developing momentum for U.S. enterprises to conduct business with African partners through roadshows, webinars, community engagement, and social media highlighting regionally relevant African investment opportunities.



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Time to Advance with Africa:

Seizing Opportunities with a Vital Continent

As Africa expands its place in the world economy, its stakes for U.S. geopolitical interests will only rise. This year offers ample opportunity to deepen the U.S.-Africa relationship, and we at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-Africa Business Center are excited to play a key part in this narrative through engagements like the White House’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, our Advance with Africa roadshow, and our Digital Innovation Competition, which inspires and empowers African innovators and startup founders across the continent.

Read the latest from U.S.-Africa Business Center President Scott Eisner, whose blog post explores how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is engaging and advancing with Africa this year, to make a difference in Africa and at home.